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A “Tony” Getaway

Summer months in Logan are warmer than I expected them to be. Before I moved here, southeastern Utahns had me thinking the ice would never melt in Cache Valley. So far, I think it’s great up here, and I can see why people spend their summers in the area. I decided the July heat was an excellent reason to be near a cool body of water, or maybe even change my altitude.

I was just recently told about one of the multitude of scenic treasures hidden amongst the trails and spurs in Logan Canyon…Tony Grove. After a gorgeous 20 mile drive through Logan Canyon on route 89, the road to Tony Grove is to the left of the highway between mile markers 480 and 481. For those overly captivated by their surroundings, you may want to watch for the sign. The final leg of the trip consists of a 7-mile, nicely paved road that meanders through thriving aspen groves and several species of pines.

The entire drive itself makes the trip worth it. What is great about Tony Grove is that there are campsites and day-use picnic and parking areas. If you are planning on camping at Tony Grove, these sites are prime real estate, so the earlier you get there the better. A variety of my interests were peaked on my first visit to the area. The cool mountain lake, which sits just above 8000 feet, is surrounded by a myriad of wildflowers. I was lucky enough to make my trip at the end of July, which is apparently a good time to see the flowers in full bloom.

I think a wide range of people can enjoy a place such as Tony Grove. Not only did I witness several groups having summer fun in the sun, but I realized as I was there that regardless of your skill or energy level, there are activities for anybody. One of the signs posted at Tony Grove explains where it got its name. I could tell you, or you can just see for yourself. I am planning to return soon so I can explore the backcountry with some of my “outdoorsy” friends; I hope to see you there!

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